Go Deeper — New version 1.3

Go Deeper — New version 1.3

Version 1.3 of Go Deeper, our first project, has just landed. Available on Google Play from today (soon on the Appstore). The last Go Deeper update took place almost two years ago. Since then, we have been working on new projects (more in our games section).

However, our intention has always been to try to keep our games as up to date as possible. So we launched an improved version of the original game that we hope will make it a more interesting experience for both users that already have version 1.2 and new players.

These are the most notable changes in version 1.3:

1. New level progress system

Selección de niveles
Go Deeper has never had shortcuts or checkpoints. Only starting points for each major area once you get to them. This forced the user to overcome 10 consecutive levels in a section if he expected to access the next area. A considerably hard challenge. Our intention was always to create a challenging game, that was not overly accommodating. But many users have expressed the need to have direct access to each level reached.

So Go Deeper now lets you start your game at the last level reached. To avoid prejudicing the difficulty, we have adjusted certain aspects, preventing the ‘mono-level’ experience is too simple. Thus, we expect that most players can explore new areas of the game gradually, while maintaining a good sense of play value.

2. Visual improvements

We have adjusted small visual effects that, however, have an impact on the user experience. Sometimes, when a situation becomes complicated due to the presence of multiple enemies on screen, it is confusing to have a clear idea about which units are being influenced each time. By some visual improvements, we have improved the perception and the control feeling of the user in extreme situations.

3. Survival mode rebalanced

Survival (v 1.3)
The Survival mode is a challenge that has long been somewhat unbalanced. Progression in this mode tended to experience an extreme difficulty curve, barely allowing higher scores without the aid of additional items. We’ve softened this game mode, so that the progression of difficulty is less pronounced and more just.

4. New languages

Now you can enjoy Go Deeper in Catalan and Italian! Simply select the language you prefer at the ‘Settings’ menu. You can change the language at any time. We will be adding new languages to Go Deeper gradually.

5. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Any program can be improved and, again, we have improved Go Deeper. Optimizing certain processes, we have obtained a more stable application and, of course, compatible with current systems. Moreover, some bugs were detected by some users, one of them concerning the in-game items usage system. We have solved all the bugs reported so far.

6. Free!

After more than two years of existence, we have decided to make Go Deeper free on Google Play, integrating in-game advertising, so little intrusive and persistent without relying on in-app purchases. This way, we offer the same experience—enhanced in this version—without any initial barrier.

7. Other minor changes

Specific orthographic changes in certain texts and some further adjustments. We have also altered some behaviors related to enemies with rather disproportionate skills, such as the one that allows the alien Twinz to switch places of our color buttons. An effect that now disappears when jumping to a new level.

News summary

  • New progress tiered system
  • Visual improvements
  • Better balanced Survival mode
  • Two new languages: Catalan and Italian
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Change from premium to free game
  • Other minor changes

Versions record

  • Go Deeper 1.1 — May 2014
  • Go Deeper 1.2 — October 2014
  • Go Deeper 1.3 — November 2016

Remember that you can read more about Go Deeper in our press kit, as well as on its official site and our projects page dedicated to the game.

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