Go Deeper (v 1.2) – News!

Go Deeper (v 1.2) – News!

Go Deeper 1.2 is nearly here. In a few days, it will be available in the AppStore and Google Play. Amazon will be our next stop. We have made great efforts to make Go Deeper a better game, collecting a lot of feedback we have been receiving over the months, in and out of stores, especially in events of all kinds.

Here is a list of major improvements and changes made over the first version of Go Deeper in order to make it more competitive, fun and interesting:

1. New tutorial

One thing we observed was that many users needed a more scheduled process of learning of the game mechanics, so we have implemented a mandatory tutorial at the beginning of the game that is disabled once it is fully displayed (we can reactivate it any time via Settings).

2. New game mode: Survival

If you finish the story mode, you can always try the new Survival mode. The survival mode lets you play with a single life, challenging you to defeat as many enemies as you can before dying. One of the greatest new features of version 1.2.

This game mode is available from the start, but only displays enemies of the areas you’ve unlocked in the story mode. The more progress in that way, the more interesting (but complicated) is the Survival mode. The points you earn in both game modes can be used to purchase items in the other one, so all the resources are shared.

3. New languages

Now all of the Go Deeper texts are easy to localize and we’ve planned to publish the game in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian. Currently, only the first two are available. We will add the rest in future updates.

4. Extended achievements section with Game Center support

The achievements section now contains a number of statistics that reflect your records, as well as the number of units defeated from each race. And now Go Deeper achievements are connected to Game Center, so that your progress will be reflected there as well as locally. It’s been also implemented a leaderboard for overall score.

5. New in-game system for items usage

Items 1.2
Before, we could accumulate a maximum of 1 defensive and 1 offensive item simultaneously. This greatly limited the usefulness of the items in the game. From now on, we can store all the items we want, placing them in our inventory. The first button of the game has become a system that allows us to change the item to use with our left hand, while using the selected item with the right one. A key change in Go Deeper’s game system.

6. New stats panel and level rewards

Now we can see our score progress at the end of each level, displaying the combo bonuses and the ​​full recount, while allowing us to use those points to purchase new items to facilitate our progress.

7. New ‘My items’ section

My Items
We’ve added a new section that allows us to view all of our stocked items and use the points earned by defeating our enemies to ‘buy’ more items that help us go further. We can access this section even in-game, so that we can always buy items, even in the middle of a battle, to ensure our survival.

The more we play Go Deeper, the more points you get and therefore the easier it is to advance in the game. (Note: Go Deeper does not include any kind of IAPs).

8. New panel & color combo system

Now, beating your enemies have extra incentive! Beating enemies linking colors and panels without making mistakes is rewarded in the form of bonus scoring combo shown real-time and at the end of each level.

9. New animations, backgrounds & graphics

We’ve added new animations for specific effects, as well as new actions for the protagonist. We also included new backgrounds, especially designed for the tutorial and the survival mode.

10. Bugs corrections and performance enhancements

Any program can be improved and we’ve improved Go Deeper. Optimizing certain processes, we have obtained a larger but also more stable application.


  • New tutorial
  • New game mode: Survival
  • New languages added
  • Extended achievements section with Game Center support
  • New in-game system for items usage
  • New stats panel and level rewards
  • New ‘My items’ section
  • New panel & color combo system
  • New animations, backgrounds & graphics
  • Bugs corrections and performance enhancements

Remember that you can read more information abour Go Deeper in our press kit, as well as in the official Go Deeper website and our projects page dedicated to the game. More news very soon.

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