Go Deeper

An action & skill game for mobile devices

Go Deeper ( and ) could be pitched this way: ‘An action game in which you will defeat sci-fi creatures using colours’. You play as an unnamed hero trying to take control of a tower in a huge struggle between all kinds of Sci-fi creatures: devious aliens with psychic powers, monsters made of goo, animal-like mutants, robots, zombies, vampires and many other.

Go Deeper presents an easy-to-play game system based on color combinations. Defeat your enemies by destroying their color sequences using only three buttons, some useful items and, of course, your skill.

Go Deeper

Go Deeper - Tutorial
Go Deeper - Mutants
Go Deeper - Robots
Go Deeper - Undead
Go Deeper - Robots
Go Deeper - Survival
More screenshots on the Press Kit.

Available on:

  • AppStore (iOS)
  • Google Play (Android)
  • Tizen Store (Tizen)


  • Easy-to-use game system based on color combinations
  • Story & Survival Modes
  • 4 areas to explore
  • 42 levels full of sci-fi action
  • Colorful 2D HD graphics
  • More than 30 types of enemies
  • 5 fearsome bosses
  • Dozens of achievements to unlock
  • Game Center support
  • Available in Catalan, Spanish, Italian & English. More languages in future updates

Go Deeper keeps in permanent development. We try to release updates as soon as we are able to add new features, levels, enemies or any kind of change or new content. There are a lot of things to do to improve the game and we want to reward those who trust us and our projects by keeping them up-to-date as long as possible.

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