Aliens, energy sources, bizarre characters & non-stop action on wheels

Welcome to a new world! Finally, humans were able to colonize a new planet full of deposits of Newnergy, a valuable new energy source that feeds their colonies in the New World.

But the deposites are scattered throughout the planet and the path between them and the camps, full of dangerous aliens. Find allies who accompany you on your mission and carry Newnergy from a colony to another, avoiding all aliens you meet on the road. Get ready for a endless barrage of lasers!

Tripl3Squad puts you at the controls of a small triple convoy, where you control simultaneously several vehicles on the move, combining the features of all of them to deal with your enemies.

Tripl3Squad gameplay
Tripl3Squad gameplay
Tripl3Squad gameplay
Tripl3Squad gameplay

Planned for:

  • iOS
  • Android


  • On wheels action arcade
  • Short & intense games
  • Dozens of unlockable characters and vehicles
  • Customizable vehicles with an upgrades system
  • Different areas and missions
  • Minimalistic 2D high resolution graphics
  • Tons of achievements to unlock
  • Game Center support
  • Available in english & spanish

  • Original concept: DB&R
  • Design & code: David López
  • Design & art: Raúl Gil
  • Sound design: Red Forge
  • Music: Red Forge

Tripl3Squad is in full development stage with an estimated release date of winter 2015 to 2016. The music and sound effects have been made by Red Forge. Cheer up to visit their website!

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