Problems with the AppStore app previews?

Problems with the AppStore app previews?

A short post that some users may find helpful. Now the AppStore allows us to add videos with extracts of gameplay (or applications in use) along with the screenshots accompanying descriptions, a function that had long existed in other stores. These videos are called app previews. If you have had to face the fact of generating and uploading these videos, you may have encountered some odd problems.

The problem

Apparently many users have reported continuing problems with iTunes Connect accepting videos. In our case, even carefully following each and every one of the specifications in terms of resolution, compression, sound quality, format, etc, the platform seemed unable to process the files. We know that has been a recurring issue so far.

The solution

Our colleague, Daniel Devesa, suggested a solution that he discovered in the company he’s currently working for, –MusicQubed– after a process of trial and error. It consists simply in opening the previously generated final video (in our case, exported from After Effects) on iMovie and re-exporting the video without any further modification in terms of configuration.

The resulting file is obviously EXACT to the one we had, but this time iTunes will have no problem in accepting it. We assume that some subtlety has probably been altered in the process. A simple tip that, however, can save hours of headaches to those who encounter this error.

Some additional help

As a reminder, resolutions requested in iTunes Connect are different and respond to several formats covering current devices. In some cases, a particular format that affects only to one device (eg iPhone 6) is required, when its proportions are identical to those of a 6 Plus. Something quite incomprehensible.

Remember as well that the app previews must be uploaded using Safari 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Quick Specs:

  • Length: 15 seconds minimum, 30 max
  • Framerate: 30 fps
  • Bitrate: 10-12 Mbps
  • Disposition: indifferent
  • Max. file size: 500 Mb
  • Coding: H.264 o ProRes


  • iPhone 6: 1334×750
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 1920×1080
  • iPhone 5-5C-5S: 1920×1080 o 1136×640
  • iPad: 2048×1536

More information: Apple’s complete specs information