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Hello. We are DB&R, an independent game design studio from Barcelona (Spain) made up of only two people, whose careers were attached to programming and design, but in fields away from video game design. In 2013, and encouraged by our passion for video games, we decided to build a new horizon with a specific goal in mind: to create unique, quality games, without platforms or genres limitations.

We believe that independent developers are somehow forced to not repeating schemes, offering different experiences and bringing to the market all that the ‘regular’ industry does not offer. Follow us on Twitter!

1. David López

(Code & Game Design)

He has worked over 10 years as an analyst-programmer at several companies offering solutions in various fields, from quality control and production to accounting and payroll. In these last years he has developed customized programs and implemented ERPs, but he’s always wished to “create” things in a more personal way.
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“After offering services to others, I wanted to design my own product. And what can be better product than a video game? Although my experience in the market can not be applied to this area, having to deal with all kind of situations and major projects for years has given me a great technical and methodological base.” — David

2. Raúl Gil

(Art & Game Design)

He has dedicated his career to graphic design, working for several Spanish companies. He has designed brands, websites, mobile apps and all kinds of communication projects for national and international clients. After 15 years of professional career, he decided to apply his knowledge of user experience and user interface design to a different professional field: game development. Twitter account / LinkedIn Profile / Dribbble Profile

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“Although I love interface design, I always had the feeling that somehow I had to learn to love it and that I had the natural need to express myself in a more artistic way. Video games grant me the opportunity to tell stories using narrative, image, sound, interactivity… so that no other medium can. After a life playing video games, I found in them my true calling.” — Raúl

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