Let’s start!

Let’s start!

Welcome to our crypt. We hope you come visit us often, not only for your interest in the games that we have done and will do in the future, but also to create a community to help us solve all our doubts. Want to know more about us? Let’s start with a little history for you to know us better…

The beginning of our journey

DB&R Game Studio is made up of two people, friends since 1994. In 2011 we still did not know how far we had considered making video games. There had always been that possibility, given our personal and professional profiles and our passion for video games, but we can say it really all started in the Sitges Film Festival 2011. After a session of morning cinema, we went to eat near the beach and it was there where we seriously consider if we could actually be able to make a game.

Could we dedicate ourselves to create the kind of projects that had been with us forever? Those that had marked part of our childhood and youth? The market allowed it: thanks to the movement of mobile device manufacturers and some platforms, independent studios had more opportunities than ever to reach the public with their work. Why not try? The important thing was that we had something to say.

First projects

Soon, we began to define a game. Our intention was to finish and publish it in less than three months, as a general test of what we could do together. Given our improvement curve, the project began to bulge until it was almost unattainable. We concluded that we needed to streamline its overall scheme if we wanted to publish it within a reasonable time. Let’s not forget that we still had our respective jobs and we did everything in our spare time.

We learnt that time planification is never accurate. Despite our will, we started and gave up four different projects over two years. The more we learnt, paradoxically, the more complicated it seemed to manage our development.

Go Deeper

It was then that we had the opportunity to create Go Deeper. We were exposed to the daunting task of designing it in just one month. We made great strides in that time, but we needed to create a more complete project, which eventually was a complicated task and took some more. But in May 2014 we released its 1.1 version. Finally, our creature flew away and, even more important: being exposed to an extreme situation forced us to adopt a comfortable yet effective methodology, which at the moment has become the way we do.


Now that the large improvements of the 1.2 version of Go Deeper are just around the corner, and that we already have at hand a future project, the idea of ​​publishing our website has emerged. But we do not want it to be a simple showcase of our own projects. After thinking about it, we believe we can help all the people who are starting or considering starting in this business.

We hope you like what we post about our games and that we can also provide some resources that may be of interest to you. We want to help create a community where together we can provide the experience that we gain and thus help everyone succeed with their games. We hope to do our bit and get any ideas or suggestions on all the topics we discuss.

So… let’s start!