Testing Game Maker on a Tizen Device

Testing Game Maker on a Tizen Device

When we participated in YoYo Games’ Tizen Game Drive with Go Deeper, one of the requirements was that the game was Tizen certified so we installed the Tizen SDK, configured it to make Game Maker Studio generate the corresponding .tpk file and sent it to the Tizen Store.

The truth is that all the settings were quite simple and the Tizen validation, better than expected. The problem was that the Tizen SDK Emulator didn’t allow us to test the game the way we wanted, so eventually we looked for ways to get a Tizen device.

The Tizen Emulator served us at the time to confirm that the game was running properly and to test specific features of Tizen, as the back button, which is also characteristic of Android and Windows Phone. But we did all the overall testing on the Windows export. Whereupon, we weren’t quite sure about the actual performance on the operating system, although we assumed that if we passed the certification, everything was correct.

Once the contest ended, we looked for ways to get a development device, but we always found a ‘no models available’ in the Tizen developers web, in the available testing units section. We searched in forums and found several sources commenting that it was possible to contact Brian Warner, of the Linux Foundation, for a device. So we emailed him explaining our interest and our need to test our games on a physical device.

He replied very quickly saying he would be more than happy to send us a device. We filled out a form, which was a collaborative project contract that basically said that we could not transfer or sell the device. And within a few days we received the phone. And here it is:

Dispositivo Tizen
It seems to be an equivalent to a Samsung Galaxy S3, although its case is different. The device was accompanied by a note saying we had to upgrade to version 2.2.1 of Tizen. Wasn’t this plug and done? Apparently not. According to the provided link we also needed to do this under Linux. So as we prepare to update the phone and try a game. In a future post we will tell you how we did it.