Go Deeper on the first Tizen Store

Go Deeper on the first Tizen Store

It seemed it would never happen, but at last the Tizen Store is activated. Unfortunately, only in India for now. We imagine that the expansion plans of Samsung & co. are planned in a phased manner. It’s been a while since we developed a version of our first game —Go Deeper— for this new system created by the Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation (Samsung, Intel, Huawei, Fujitsu, NEC, Panasonic, Orange, Vodafone… and other international companies).

Creating projects for Tizen

Go Deeper en Tizen Store
Game Maker Studio has been allowing to export projects to this new system for some time now. As usual with any direct port, there are many pitfalls to save when a project developed for a system must behave appropriately in another. Of course, the work is multiplied if you also want to cover the widest range of compatible devices.

We highly recommend reading our previous post about our experience with Tizen devices. We guarantee that trying to test a Tizen project by any means other than using a true Tizen device, will be a waste of time.

Go Deeper on Tizen

Go Deeper was initially created with the intention to participate in the Tizen App Challenge —although eventually it was developed with iOS and Android in mind— so it a version for the new system has been available for months. And now at last, the Tizen Store opens slowly and our first mobile project reaches a new sector of users that hopefully will grow day after day.

(Above: Go Deeper working on a Tizen device)

If you are interested in Tizen, we recommend you to read more about this system and —why not!— try Go Deeper, that will reach its 1.3 version very soon.